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Help Me Choose Which Idea to Sculpt



Sheep Plaque Sketch


Which one to Make?  Help me decide….

Sometimes making miniatures as sketches can be fun and helpful.  I don’t always make these sketches but when I do it helps me see how the image will translate 3 dimensionally, how things will overlap.  I will do a tiny thumbnail drawing, but it doesn’t help me understand the volume and overlap.   When I start sculpting everything just comes together.  Currently I have about a dozen of these little “sketches in clay” on my desk.  I really enjoy sculpting in this scale.

Which one to make?   I have created two tiny sculptures of sheep.  ”A” is more contemporary and graphic, while ”B” is quite traditional.  Both will have an interesting wool texture when complete.  I would love help in choosing which to sculpt & you may be the WINNER of a full size version by casting your vote.  Simply choose either ”A” or ”B”.  A name from the winning group will be selected at random and a finished plaque hand signed by me will be sent to one lucky person when completed. To vote please go to and post your vote.  Thanks, this should be fun for all of us! George

4 Responses to “Help Me Choose Which Idea to Sculpt”

  1. I clicked on that for the contest but can not find where to vote and I’m not on Facebook. The choice is easy though B is the one, So I vote for B.
    Another thing, when I signed up for your catalog the how did you hear about us part is lacking. It should have an other, because none that are listed aply to me. I bought a face awhile back at Franks Nursury and I was looking for another when I stumbled on your site.

  2. Teena Madsen says:

    Both are lovely, but I’m drawn to A

  3. Mike Theobald says:

    I really enjoy my Saint Fiacre statue gracing my garden trellis upon which I grow my hop vines. But I wanted to suggest your consideration of Saint Arnold, the patron saint of brewers, sometimes portrayed with a mash rake in hand, but I think a goblet of fine Belgian beer in one hand and a bible in the other would make a great interpretation and appeal to all of us out there with Man-caves. I’d love to see you sculpt Saint Arnold in the style of Saint Fiacre. Thanks for sharing your talent and humor.

  4. Cat Miller says:

    George, I miss the peek-a-boo pixie. It was my go-to gift. All of my sisters have one and many of my friends. Wonder if you would consider making more 3D pieces like it.

    How to hear back if you have such plans. p.s. love the eyes on your pieces, so compelling.

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