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Help me choose which piece to sculpt next

After finishing this year’s nativity ( you’ll see it this autumn), I needed to make something fun and whimsical.  “A Pug in the Posies” and a yet un-named cat.  So, I’m again asking for input on which piece to complete full size..  A or B?  The person whose name we draw will be sent two pieces with our thanks.DSC04749

21 Responses to “Help me choose which piece to sculpt next”

  1. Karen Happnie says:

    Love them both!.. (isn’t that diplomatic of me!?!) how about “a Feline in the Flora” for the cat? Thanks for all your terrific pieces! Brings a smile to my face daily!!!

  2. Ann says:

    What a dilemma…I’m a “cat” person but the dog is just adorable. Love his happy goofy expression. Looks like unconditional love. I would buy the dog.

  3. Fran says:

    The dog is too cute! I vote for him!

  4. Laura says:

    We love them both too, but the little pug just ‘draws’ you in! (no ‘pug’ intended…’pun / pug’…Ha!)
    We would go for the PUG in the Posies!
    Good luck deciding.

  5. Jayme says:

    Like them both and hope that your are taking votes on which one to do FIRST and will in fact create both? Would like to see the cat first. as that is more “giftable” to my friends who are mostly cat lovers.

  6. Mercedes says:

    They are both absolutely gorgeous and oh so precious! I like cats and dogs, but I favor the dog. I would buy the cat to gift to my cat friends. I think it’s going to come down to votes.

  7. Kim says:

    Same as Ann…I am a cat person. My choice is the “A Pug in the Posies”. He looks like a happy pug who wants to have fun and gets in to trouble. Cat name, “Syd in the Sun”. Thank you for the smile!

  8. Cathy says:

    The “A Pug in the Posies” is so adorable. I have pugs, so I am probably a bit biased! I have your sculptures on all of my fence posts, THis would be a must have for me!!

  9. Mary Barrett says:

    A pug in the posies makes you smile and emanates lots of love!

    Mary Barrett

  10. Madeline says:

    I am a “cat” person and have bought many of your cat sculptures but that dog is so charming I may betray my loyalties and vote for the pug; but my First choice is BOTH.

  11. Lari Black says:

    “Sunflower Kitty” (That’s what I’d name her) Is waiting in the sunflowers for the birdies looking for seeds. Naughty kitty! However the Pug is adorable in the posies and my vote has to go to him! As a child I named every pug I saw “Pugsley” to this day I still think of that each time I see one. Dogs Rule!

  12. Betty Schlegel says:

    I think both are so very cute! My vote would be for “the pug”. I agree with Karen H.-“a feline in flora” would be a great name. Love your work!

  13. Judy Mattis says:

    As much as I like cats, I think the pug is better for a larger piece. Plus it’s cuter with his tongue hanging out. This is my first time, as I just found you, from Birds and Blooms.

  14. Trina says:

    Pug in the posies is fun and cute, I pick him.

  15. Linda Lowery says:

    I vote for the Pug in the Posies, However I was torn the cat is cute too. I happen to have a dog and 3 cats. I also have 2 of your garden faces. Love your work

  16. I am a cat person as well….AND. The Pug is the winner
    His big eyes and tongue make you smile
    Great idea!

  17. Paddi says:

    While both are equally adorable—my vote is for the “pug in the posies”! his little face emits a little giggle from me each time i see him!

  18. Linda says:

    You must do both George! I have a specialty pet shoppe!

  19. Gaby says:

    I Cat just melted my heart. I have cats, yes, with an “s”…6 to be exact. What a genius idea to “dress” the kitty up in a flower. Love the doggie too, but my vote goes to the kitty, that’s the one I would buy.

  20. Rosie Biddle says:

    I favor the “Pug in the Posies”

  21. Sandra Ritchey says:

    I love the pug I love all of your designs

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