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Which One Floats Your Boat?



Which do you prefer?

Here we go again, I need your help and your opinion!

Summer is coming to a close and I’ve made two tiny clay sketches, trying to capture that summer feeling.

These small clay sketches are fairly new for me.

Because the finished piece will be three dimensional, pencil sketches are always lacking somehow. Especially when the casting issues need to be resolved.

By this I’m referring to undercuts that might not fill completely with cement, leaving an air bubble on the surface.  Small protrusions like fingers, noses and small leaves  add detail and interest, but are vulnerable to breakage during un-molding and the shipping process.

These small clay sketches allow quick detail changes that would possibly take hours on the full size version.  As a result, I can be more creative and try different versions of detail placement.

If it doesn’t look good or lend itself to casting easily, a change can be made quickly, allowing more experimentation and creativity.

Look closely, and decide which design would look best hanging in your home or garden, or would make someone smile when given as a gift.

Sketch ”A” shows a young girl with braids, floppy hat and large sunglasses, rowing a wooden boat full of puppies . Mother dog looks out at the horizon while little fishes swim along under the boat.

Deb and I have spent a lot of time this summer in the South Puget Sound. Deb likes to float out in a rowboat and I enjoy, and am inspired by, the sights and sounds of the water in South Puget.

Sketch ”B” captures the the lush rich bounty of summer flower gardens. Along with a heart depicting love and romance, a variety of flowers, leaves and vines add texture and contrast.

I’m always inspired by summer gardens and flowers and the wide array of color, scents, and textures found in a summer’s landscape.

Tell me, which sketch would make the best full size plaque and why? I’m often pleased and surprised when I hear the reasons why people respond to different designs. Sometimes the image is simply pleasing to the eye, or maybe the scene sparks personal memories.

So, which summer scene floats your boat? Your opinion and feedback is enormously appreciated. I’ll look forward to your comments on this!

Thanks, George


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6 Responses to “Which One Floats Your Boat?”

  1. Lisa Bryant says:

    I like them both,but I prefer second sketch with the heart and flowers!So pretty!

  2. Barb Strayer says:

    I LOVE the boat!!!

  3. Suzette Maier says:

    I can’t make a decision! I know where I would hang each one.

  4. Love them both, but really am asking Santa for the girl in the boat, and I’m getting one for a special person I know, too.

  5. Teena Madsen says:

    I vote for the boat. It has many appealing aspects that people like, puppies, dogs, boats and fish.

    I believe hearts have been overdone to a certain extent.

  6. Ledia says:

    For sure the heart.

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